It's time to make sense of your emotions - Feeling Magnets

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“If I had an emotion super power, I would want to be able to control people so that I can stop wars in the world.”

10-year old girl from Ireland



“I would want to spread contagious laughter.”

15-year old boy from Ireland



“I would be able to know what others are feeling and what they need and how I could help - to hug them, to pick them flowers, to make them dinner or let them cry.”

10-year old girl from South Africa



“I would be be able to control my emotions and I would be happier and my life would be better”

12-year old girl from South Africa


"Everyone would share."

4-year-old from Canada



“I would happy”

8-year old girl from South Africa



“I would know what I was feeling all the time, because sometimes it’s hard to know”

9-year old boy from South Africa



"To make all the girls fall in love with me"

12-year old boy from Switzerland



"I would be able to make people feel happy as soon as I start talking to them."

12-year old girl from Switzerland



“I would like to have a contagious happy mood so I have the power to change people's mood into happiness just by walking past them and so I will be happy by making others happy. “

12-year old girl from Venezuela



“Never have sadness”

11-year old boy from the United States



“The power to change from angry to happy”

11-year old girl from Argentina



“I would be able to feel the feelings of somebody else.”

9-year old boy from Argentina



"My emotion super power would would allow me to help people in distress and heal the environment."

12-year old girl from Switzerland


"I would make everyone around me feel cared for and loved - so no one feels lonely."

22-year old girl from Switzerland


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