A tool to guide kids to get smarter with their feelings


Sometimes, as parents and teachers, we can use a little support when it comes to preparing our children for life. We want them to learn essential life skills. We want them to be the best they can be. And most of all, we want them to be happy.


Our My Feelings Box is a playful approach to integrate into everyday life so kids can learn to:

  • Build their emotional vocabulary

  • Become more emotionally aware

  • Ultimately, unlock their emotional super power (Adult speak: they learn how to understand and manage their feelings)


At it’s most basic, the My Feelings Box for kids is a tool and prompt to help your child find the right words to describe what they feel, to develop their emotional literacy and emotional intelligence. It also helps as a conversation starter between you and your children. 


We so wish we would have learned all of this as children, make sure your kids don’t miss out.


Feeling Magnets were created by Manuela Bolton.


The first version was created for herself, as she realized that she was not able to identify her emotions and that this was getting in the way of her living life authentically and to knowing what she wanted. When she started seeing the shift in herself and she received requests from people around her, she decided to make them available to the wider world.


Most of all, she wishes that she would have learned to understand and navigate her emotions at a much younger age and she wants to help parents and teachers do just this with the My Feelings Box.


A tool to help kids get smarter with their feelings